Crossout is a post-apocalyptic car combat shooter in the vein of Vigilante 8 and World of Tanks, borrowing the best from both franchises. You’re thrown into the wasteland with a pickup truck a couple of machine guns, the games unforgiving tutorial which consists of little more than a few flashing arrows lets you figure the rest out for yourself and make your own mistakes out in the dirt and rust filled maps.

It doesn’t take long to get going though, drive and shoot, it’s simple really. As you progress through online multiplayer battles you rank up and unlock parts and weapons to craft your automotive killing machine. The bigger and badder your beast is the better you’ll perform on the battlefields.

The customisation of your vehicle is pretty extensive for a free to play title and lets you tinker with your creation from parts you’ve earned or bits and pieces being sold by other players on the open market. Playing the Xbox One version we have seen some pretty ludicrous designs out there already on launch day. You can also download blueprints from other players to create versions of their monster cars.

Daily missions are a staple of F2P games and they are here in Crossout too, keeping the game fresh with seasons and missions looks to be a priority as there is a lot to do to tick off each mission as you play, complete the whole mission set and you’ll be rewarded with scrap metal to use. There is also a clan function so you can mob up with your friends and scrap your rivals.

So how does it play? Well speaking only from the time spent with the Xbox One version, the mechanics could be a bit tighter. The acceleration is controlled by the Left stick rather than right trigger which leads to a chorus of static machine gun fire at the start of rounds as new players figure this out the hard way. Your starter truck is difficult to control and even more so as parts get shredded off of it, this isn’t so much a bad thing as you can upgrade for better performance and handling but it does offer a somewhat steep learning curve.

The maps are large and make for good combat but there isn’t a huge amount to set them apart from each other, their washed, out and full of typical wasteland trash giving the game a  Mad Max look to it, a bit more variety and features would go far in the future. The matches are fun, shoot the hell out of other vehicles until they are burning hulks of metal and capture the enemy base, simple, fun and rewarding it has to be said, it’s just a shame some of the control design is a bit off.

The soundtrack and audio design also leaves a lot to be desired and the game would benefit from some more music, voice overs and SFX but so far it does the job. It’s still early days and we’re confident with enough community feedback this could grow into a solid title. It’s a unique little game and well worth picking up, joining some friends and having some fun, the polish will come in time we’re sure.

Overall 6/10

Crossout is available for free now for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC 



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